Fee Collections Features

Service Based Fees

Charges for facilities provided based on specific serviceable timetables can be also charged separately, for example, a student opting not to use library services for one month can simply opt out of the particular service for a predefined period and he/she will not be charged for the same for that period.

Hardware Compatibility

Our school fee management software is an industry first in being compatible with both laser printers and dot matrix printer enabling you to use your existing print technology and not having to invest again.

Fee Projection Reports

Generate reports giving insight into expected incomes from admissions and fees collected using our fee projection reports.

Daily Collection Reports

The income collection for the entire day can be categorized and printed out with simple notations in the form of daily collection reports.

Categoric Reports

All incoming financial transactions can be labeled with the appropriate name so as to enable the generation and printing of cataloged financial reports.

Class Wise Reporting

All financial transactions can be tabulated into fees collected from students of various classes making it very easy to generate and print class wise fee reports.

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